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Perfect Game Development+ is a completely free, scientifically driven app that uses science and AI combined with your personal and performance data to create a unique, personalized, daily training and development program that meets your individual needs. It defines your personal gaps to accelerate your development, monitor your progress, keep you training safely, focus and lift your performance, and help you become tomorrow's athlete, today. The perfect tool for anyone that wants to improve their physical abilities beyond team workouts both in season and off.




guided, world

class training led

by professional instructors

Uses cutting

edge scientific tools + analysis to make you faster, stronger and!


with your PG profile to build a foundation of key data to share with recruiters +coaches


Personalized Physical Training

After you text with our bots to answer a few questions so we may gather some basic information, we combine that with any other data we collect from our database, and a variety of other sources to analyze and understand your personal fitness needs. Your info is then compared to our national benchmarks to define the gaps in your abilities.

                    Next, our system matches your individual
                    needs to a personalized daily training plan
                    to focus and accelerate your development.  
                    Training activity is scheduled around outside
                    events such as games, lessons and
                    practices, and divided into 4 unique training
                    days that address speed & agility, strength &
, upper body and lower body
                    workouts. Each session is designed just for
                    you, your needs and your personal goals.


travel ball

high school


+ beyond


training +


app driven by

science + ai

You have the goal of playing at the next level. To get there you need to be the best athlete you can be. The team at Perfect Game is committed
to your success. That is why we are introducing the latest version of our app, Perfect Game Development+, completely free of charge.

No gimmicks. No trial period.
No limited features. You get the full version of our popular app free to

use to help you with your personal development, as long as you wish.* 

* Prior paid subscribers - download the new version and use your same log in. Then go to your

   phone settings + cancel your old account. The app will be free of charge going forward and
   any data and history from the paid version will be accessible in the new app.

to get started 
The App is 100% Free!
No Credit Card Needed!
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